Who I am


Daphny was born in a faraway country which was so warm and dry that in the few times it rained, the terrified natives tried to put it out with some fire. She grew up in the 80’s in a forsaken town that took pride in its flatula population as well as in knowing what flatula is (a fish that nobody likes). This was traumatizing enough to push Daphny into becoming a writer. After getting her degree in screenwriting from Tel Aviv University, she discovered the harsh nature of showbiz, in which directors never return your phone calls, less-talented writers get published, and sleazy producers aren’t willing to sleep with you and produce your script in exchange as they should. But Daphny finally managed to get her foot, followed by the rest of her body at the door, and she  spent almost a decade writing sitcoms, dramas, kids shows, animated shows and late nights. And yet she always remembered to leave herself some free time for hobbies and self-fulfillment – for example, she married a talented guy who knows how to toast his own bread, and is familiar with most guitar chords, including those that require using the pinky. 


In 2008, Daphny packed her husband, their pets, their rubber mice and the pets' rubber mice and moved to Berkeley, California - the most fun, lively and inspiring place in the world if you’re a hippie and it’s the 60’s. Otherwise it can get a little boring. However, some of the famous Berkeley spirit did stuck and Daphny decided it was time for a dramatic change in her life. Since issuing a Costco card was too much of a nuisance, she decided to move to New York and become a musicals writer. And so she enrolled to the Graduate Musical Theater Writing Program of NYU.


Writing musicals and lyrics in a second language was a challenging, frustrating and yet a constantly annoying process.  But Daphny realized that with strong will power, patience, ambition and motivation, everything is possible, except for rhyming “table” with “peanut”. During her time at the program, Daphny has written a full length musical comedy called Wait!, a one act grotesque titled The French Guy, and many, many songs.


She is currently working on her own cabaret show and writing two new musicals – The Magic Show (a musical drama telling the story of two prodigy teen magicians and their long rivalry as grown women) and Fearless (a musical comedy about an immigrant couple who arrive to Brooklyn) and she’s getting tired of writing in the third person.